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Varna, Golden Sands, Plovdiv, and Sofia--------CLICK ON SMALL PHOTOS FOR INFO.

I had travelled from Romania by bus[ to Varna Bulgaria.img=https://photos.travellerspoint.com/935071/Img0077.jpg thumb=https://photos.travellerspoint.com/935071/thumb_Img0077.jpg]Img0061.jpgImg0073.jpgImg0039.jpgImg0055.jpgImg0055.jpgImg0073.jpgImg0061.jpgImg0077.jpg7d733ce0-a549-11e8-9305-8de6213aa4bf.jpgImg0093.jpg6780d0c0-a542-11e8-8387-7d7787b6c9c6.jpg8e6b15c0-a541-11e8-950a-ad432383d1a1.jpgPICT0090.JPG68d35de0-a541-11e8-950a-ad432383d1a1.jpg3c7cf6c0-a541-11e8-950a-ad432383d1a1.jpg272dcb50-a541-11e8-950a-ad432383d1a1.jpg0fbaae70-a541-11e8-950a-ad432383d1a1.jpgfd12d540-a540-11e8-950a-ad432383d1a1.jpg3b473d40-a53e-11e8-950a-ad432383d1a1.jpg09831b70-a53f-11e8-8387-7d7787b6c9c6.jpgVARNA is a port and seaside resort on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria., it is near the resort of Golden Sands. A trip to Golden Sands can be taken by bus or Minibus. Golden Sands has its name suggests has great beaches. Varna is a lovely place to walk around.. The cathedral as shining copper domes, and was built in the late 19th century. Varna has trains to Plovdiv, the information is in cerilic script, and the ticket office ladies have little engllish, so a tip is write place names on paper to help. A good internet site for train times is bahn.de. I stayed at the Hotel Slendid Varna.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SOFIA is the largest city and capital of Bulgaria. It is 50 km from Serbian border. I stayed at Casino Hotel near rail station., it is a luxury hotel with all facilities and a casino. At the rail station international tickets are sold in a seperate office.---Vitosha Boulevard is a pedestrian street with cafes,restaurants,boutique shops and stores.--- The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is one of the largest in eastern othodox world of cathedrals. There is also a Russian Church. In the centre of the park is a Soviet Monument. The currency of Bulgaria is the Lev.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PLOVDIV is Bulgaria" s second city. There are remains of a Roman Forum in the city centre. The old town is very interesting with cobbled streets. I stayed at the Princess hote ,posh but reasonably priced..------The river is the Maritsa.---There are colourful buildings in the old town.-----The city has more than 200 archaeological sites------- The roman writer"Lucian" said Provdiv "s beauty shines from faraway.

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